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Welcome to Foxhall Foundation.

Everyone benefits from moving.  Walking outdoors, avoiding crowds, and wearing a mask is a good starting point, but many people need more supervision and instruction to maximize their fitness and health potential. This is where the idea of a wellness center originated.

With the reality of the Coronavirus, it was essential to create a space where social distancing was easily maintained.  The Wellness Center is a single, vast open space (over 4000 sq ft.).  This allows an opportunity to come for physical instruction with ample space for social distancing.  The ceiling was opened up, and the ventilation system has been redesigned to make the space as open and well ventilated as possible.  There are aggressive protocols in place to ensure maximum safety, including ample distancing, strict mask use, limited class sizes, and safety screening.

KenZen-Do, Karate & Foxhall Wellness Center officially opened in August 2020 in our new space located at 5550 Friendship Blvd. Suite T-80, Chevy Chase, Maryland. Instructors from KenZen-Do Karate will run a full studio offering a whole range of classes from “Masters of Motion” to help people with Parkinson’s regain wellness through mobility, to youth Karate, and an entire spectrum in-between. Additionally, Certified Wellness and nutritional health counselors will be available for personalized and group instruction on a range of topics, from specific dietary needs to physical training and life coaching.

The Pandemic has changed everything. The ability to run classes in person was stopped over the summer, but our efforts continued and we are now offering small classes at the center. Virtual classes are also offered each day for those unable to attend in person.

To learn more about KenZen-Do Karate & Foxhall Wellness please click here.