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Helping Everyone Age Well

Senior Woman in Wheelchair Outdoors with Caring CaregiverFoxhall Foundation was originally founded in 2014 as a cooperative effort of volunteer physicians, interested in fostering opportunities for the benefit of an aging population. Specifically, the Foundation works to create educational opportunities for members of the community (patients), families, caregivers, medical providers (physicians), and institutions (hospitals). The hope is to bridge the knowledge gaps which separate those who need care, those who provide care, and those who research for better ways of delivering care.

One of the first efforts was to work with a local community hospital and physicians of a major academic medical center to inform the community hospital of the demonstrated successes of the academic institution in serving an elderly population with memory difficulty. The local hospital now operates an extensive residential facility which serves an elderly population, many of whom have memory impairment.

Foundation members have facilitated connections with local caregivers and elderly patients, educating physicians to the capabilities of local agencies and providers.

Several times a year, physician representatives of the Foundation have provided educational presentations to local doctors, nurses and healthcare providers on medical issues that predominantly effect the elderly, particularly the early recognition and treatment of heart and vascular disease, the prevention of strokes and vascular dementia.

The Foundation is actively working with a local community hospital to create a first-in-the-nation Stroke Prevention Program utilizing a multidiscipline effort with resources from the hospital, the private medical community, local and national academic institutions, and industry.

The Foundation is currently creating material for the lay public specifically on the prevention of strokes and vascular dementia.

For the future, Foxhall Foundation hopes to continue bridging the knowledge gap by creating educational material, conducting educational seminars for both medical personnel and the lay public, providing grants and scholarships for education related to the Foundation’s goals, and providing expert consultation to institutions who wish to create programs, such as a stroke prevention program, which specifically benefit the elderly population.


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